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Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone

Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone

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Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone

Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Revitalize Your Plants with Biancat™ UltraGrowth!

Experience the transformative power of Biancat™ UltraGrowth, our proprietary plant growth hormone fortified with innovative cell division technology from the University of California, Berkeley. This groundbreaking formula is crafted to stimulate root growth, activate chlorophyll synthesis, and promote flower budding, catering to the unique needs of every plant. Biancat™ UltraGrowth fosters a dynamic, healthy ecosystem, providing an unmatched organic boost to help your plants flourish like never before. 

Hear it straight from our satisfied customers:

"Wilting, frost, root rot, stunted growth, pests - you name it, my potted plants faced it. Then, a friend in agriculture suggested I try Biancat™ UltraGrowth. The results? Simply amazing! It's easy to use and tackles all these issues head-on. If you're struggling with plant care, Biancat™ UltraGrowth is your solution." -- Benjamin

"Once, my beloved Calla Lily was at death's door, wilting away right before my eyes. That's when Biancat™ UltraGrowth came into the picture, recommended by a neighbor. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous - my lily bounced back, full of life and vitality. Biancat™ UltraGrowth didn't just save my plant; it changed how I approach gardening. If you love your greens as much as I do, this is a must-try!" -- Emily 

Unleash the full potential of your garden with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. Our unique blend is packed with all the essential micronutrients and minerals that your fruits, vegetables, and plants crave but might be missing from your current care regimen. This powerful nutrient solution is designed to optimize your plants' health and growth. Whether you're dreaming of larger, juicier vegetables, a lush, verdant lawn, or bigger, more vibrant blooms, Biancat™ UltraGrowth is your secret weapon to turn those dreams into reality. Experience the difference today! 

That's exactly why we've developed Biancat™ UltraGrowth - your ultimate solution for promoting vibrant and healthy plant growth.

Humic Acid: Our blend includes Fulvic acid, a dynamic component that forms organic colloids by binding with soil particles. This improves soil structure and enhances permeability, water retention, and nutrient preservation. It also provides essential nutrients for plants, regulates the soil's pH level, promotes microbial activity, and strengthens soil resistance to adversity. 

Shrimp and Crab Shell Extract: This potent extract is rich in chitosan and other active ingredients that activate your plant's immune system, enhancing its resistance to pathogens. It also helps suppress some soilborne diseases, contributing to a healthier plant life. 

Amino Acid Chelated Trace Elements: This specialized process not only acts as a catalyst for plant growth but also plays an integral role in the metabolic processes of plants, effectively boosting their growth and development.

Fish Mint Extract: Abundant in antioxidants like anthocyanins and polyphenolic compounds, fish mint extract aids in resisting oxidative stress and protects plant cells from free radical damage. Some components may even promote plant growth and development, enhancing both the yield and quality of your produce. Experience the difference these powerful ingredients can make in your garden with our Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone! 

Negative Ion Powder: Our formula is enriched with negative ions, known for their wide array of benefits. They promote plant growth, enhance photosynthetic efficiency, improve plant health, and boost nutrient absorption. This all contributes to a significant increase in plant biomass, yield, and stress resistance.

Banana Peel Extract: This extract is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It not only improves soil structure but also provides natural hormones that promote plant growth, enhance stress resistance, and increase soil moisture retention.  

Plant Antifreeze Agent: Our blend includes crucial antifreeze agents like proteins and dehydrins. These play a vital protective role under low-temperature conditions by maintaining protein structural stability and cellular water balance, effectively safeguarding your plants' survival and normal growth in colder climates.

Multivitamins: We've included a variety of vitamins that work in synergy to promote plant development, enhance antioxidant capacity, maintain cell health, and participate in nutrient metabolism. This provides comprehensive support for the overall health and vitality of your plants. 

Volatile Oils: Our product contains plant-derived volatile oils, such as orange peel oil and eucalyptus oil, renowned for their potent insect-repelling effects. These oils serve as a natural protective mechanism for your plants, effectively repelling pests and alleviating the adverse effects of insect damage. Experience the difference these potent ingredients can make in your garden with our Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone! 

USDA Certified

Meet Dr. Jason from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and his team, who are dedicated to fostering a sustainable society in harmony with nature. They pioneer innovative bioproduction technologies for a reliable food supply. Their work involves understanding and using biological functions and resources, addressing both global and regional issues related to food, lifestyle, and the environment.

In a world grappling with natural disasters and a general lack of knowledge about plant cultivation, Dr. Jason saw a need. His solution? The Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone - a product designed to simplify your planting needs, making the process effortless and worry-free. With this product, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plants have the best possible care. 

Transform Your Garden with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone

1、Revive Your Yellowing Plants 

Breathe new life into your once dull, yellowed, and withered plants with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. This groundbreaking formula delivers a rich blend of nutrients to rejuvenate weakened plants. It's more than just a growth hormone - it's a lifeline for your plants, sparking a miraculous revival that lets them radiate vitality once more. 

2、Boost Your Seedling's Growth

Combat growth stagnation in seedlings with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. Its unique blend of nutrients and hormones awakens dormant vitality, helping your seedlings overcome challenges and thrive. More than just a plant care product, it's a steward of ecological balance, fostering vigorous growth in your seedlings under the nurturing care of Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. 

3、Restore Your Plants from Root Rot

Root rot can be a gardener's nightmare, but not with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. This powerful solution exhibits exceptional repair abilities in the face of this common plant ailment. It doesn't just halt further decay; it restores the affected root system. Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone nourishes deep into the roots, delivering essential nutrients to help your plants recover from root rot and regain their vitality. Experience the miracle of recovery firsthand and ensure the health and well-being of your plants. 

4、Shield Your Plants from Pests

Keep pests at bay with Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone. This reliable addition to your plant protection arsenal contains volatile oil components that form a protective barrier around your plants, effectively repelling invading pests. These volatile oils not only deter common pests but also shield your plants from harm. Choose Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone for an efficient, dependable defense against pest infestation. 

Why Choose Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone?

✔ Boosts Photosynthesis: It promotes the process that makes your plants thrive.

✔ Supercharges Fertilizer: The effectiveness of your fertilizers is enhanced, making your plants healthier.

✔ Improves Crop Quality: Expect better quality crops that are more nutritious and flavorful.

✔ Increases Chlorophyll Content: It aids in increasing the green pigment crucial for photosynthesis.

✔ Supports Pollination & Fruit Setting: It aids in ensuring successful pollination and healthy fruit setting.

✔ Enhances Soil Microbial Activity: It boosts the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil, promoting a healthier growing environment.

✔ Strengthens Resilience: It enhances your plants' metabolic functions, improving their resistance to stress and adverse conditions such as high temperature, low humidity, drought, pests, diseases, frost, and floods. Make Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone your choice for a thriving garden.

Here are some satisfied customers of Biancat™ UltraGrowth:

"I've been using Biancat™ UltraGrowth Plant Growth Hormone, and it's become my go-to for plant protection, especially against pests. Every time I use it, my plants flourish, healthy and vibrant. Plus, the added volatile oils offer even more protection, letting my plants grow freely and radiate vitality. With Biancat™ UltraGrowth, pest troubles are a thing of the past." -- Ethan 

"My strawberry plants used to bear small, sparse fruits - until I stumbled upon Biancat™ UltraGrowth on Facebook. This wonder product turned things around, and now my strawberries are thriving. As an avid cultivator, discovering Biancat™ UltraGrowth has been a game-changer. I can't recommend it enough to fellow growers!" -- Esmond

How To Use

  1. Root Irrigation Method:Blend 10 drops of Plant Nutrient in 500ml water. Water roots every 7-10 days.
  2. Leaf Spray Method: Mix 10 drops of Plant Nutrient with 1L water. Spray leaves every 7-10 days.
  3. Grafting Method: Apply 2-3 drops of Plant Nutrient directly to the plant cut.

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